+ 01. How do I place an order?

To place an order, please send an email from the contact page detailing your order and any inquiries/comments you may have. A 50% deposit is required to secure an order date. Your event date is not secured until your deposit is paid.

+ 02. How do I pay for my order?

A 50% deposit must be paid by E-Transfer to the email provided to you once your order is placed and accepted. The remaining balance must be paid 24 hours before delivery/pickup by E-Transfer, or cash on delivery/pickup. We also offer credit card payments with a 3.5% service charge on the order total. If your order is under $200, full payment must be paid by E-Transfer to the email provided to you.

+ 03. Is Totally Cupcakes nut-free?

We are NOT nut-free as many of our ingredients are not sourced from nut-free facilities. As a responsible consumer, it is your responsibility to inform us of any potential allergies to fruits, chocolates, nuts, etc.

+ 04. Is there an order price minimum?

Yes! The current order minimum is $200.00 (excluding delivery if applicable).

+ 05. What if I want to purchase an order that is less than $200?

If an order is under $200, payment must be made in full once the invoice is sent.

+ 06. Do you offer delivery?

Yes! Please refer to the chart below for delivery locations and prices.

+ 07. Is delivery mandatory?

Nope! We also offer free pickup in Tottenham, Ontario. (Side Road 4 and 10th Line, North of Highway 9). Totally Cupcakes cannot take responsibility for any damages to cakes or treats after they have been picked up.

+ 08. How should I transport my cake/treats to my event/home?

Although we do encourage you to purchase delivery to ensure a safe arrival of your treats, we understand if you would like to pick up your treats yourself. Here are some of the things you need to know if you are transporting your own cake:

  • Transport your cake or treats on a flat surface, ex. the flat floor of your passenger seat footwell, preferably on an anti-slip surface (ex. a rubber car mat).
  • DO NOT keep your cake on a slanted or uneven surface, such as on the seat. This could result in the cake tipping over, or the cake layers sliding.
  • Cakes and treats are temperature sensitive and should be transported in an air conditioned car, preferably out of direct sunlight (but not in a very warm trunk).
  • While driving, do not speed, brake excessively hard or make sharp turns. Reckless driving will result in damages to your cake and treats.

+ 09. Do you offer dessert set up?

We do! Dessert table set up fees start at $30+. However, Totally Cupcakes DOES NOT provide cake stands or serving platters. We can set up desserts on cake stands/serving platters provided by the venue or the customer.

+ 10. Is there a minimum quantity that must be ordered for treats and flavours?

There is a minimum of one dozen (12) per item per flavour on all treats.

+ 11. Can I sample cake or treats before placing an order?

Currently there are no samples available before ordering. Totally Cupcakes is a home-based bake shop, and all desserts are baked to order, therefore we do not have readily available dessert samples.

+ 12. Which type of buttercream is used for your desserts?

At Totally Cupcakes, we only use Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It is a meringue-based buttercream made by whipping a mixture of egg whites and sugar that has been gently heated in a double boiler until the sugar dissolves and the egg whites are cooked. The mixture is then whipped with butter and flavouring to create a beautifully soft silky buttercream. Swiss Meringue buttercream tends to accept light and soft hued colours best, as excessively dark/intense colours can result in a change in consistency.

+ 13. Does Totally Cupcakes offer classes?

Not at the moment. Hopefully in the future!

+ 14. How do I store a cake before consumption?

Cakes and baked goods are very temperature sensitive. Cakes can be stored in the fridge before your event but are at their best taste and consistency when served at room temperature. When cakes are chilled in the fridge, the butter in both the buttercream and in the cake layers stabilizes and tends to get fairly stiff, resulting in a cake that is too dense. Here at Totally Cupcakes, we recommend bringing a cake to room temperature an hour before serving to soften up the buttercream and cake layers (larger cakes will take longer to come to room temperature).

+ 15. How do I store leftovers?

If there are any leftovers, we recommend cling wrapping or placing the cake slices in an air-tight container in the fridge. Bring up to room temperature before indulging!

+ 16. Are there any treats that need special attention before serving?

Yes! Below are some treats that have special instructions for serving.

  1. Cheesecake cups should be served chilled, just like any other cheesecake/dairy dessert.
  2. Meringues are very sensitive to warmth and humidity. Keep them in their packaged container just before serving if you are serving outdoors or in a warm space.
  3. All chocolate covered strawberries are dipped fresh the morning of an event day. We recommend consuming them the day of the event for optimal freshness. If chocolate covered strawberries are placed in the fridge, it is natural for condensation to form on the chocolate. This is totally normal, and completely safe to eat!

+ 17. Do you offer fondant cakes or treats?

Totally Cupcakes does not offer fondant covered cakes. However, we do offer select small fondant toppings applicable for cakes, cupcakes and some desserts (example; mermaid tails, unicorn details, crosses, flowers).

+ 18. Do you offer cake toppers?

Yes! They start at $15+ provided by Totally Cupcakes.

Delivery Location Prices

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If your location is not on the list, feel free to email Totally Cupcakes to find out if we deliver to your area!